Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil Zombies Map Easter Eggs

Black Ops 3 Easter Eggs

Prior to the release of Black Ops 3, the game’s director said that it would have more Easter Eggs than any Call of Duty game ever made.

With that in mind, here’s our complete list of all the Easter Eggs in Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

Shadows of Evil Zombies Map Easter Eggs

Pack-a-Punch Machine

Activating the Pack-a-Punch machine in Shadows of Evil requires a complicated number of steps that will have you running to every district on the map, gathering items, and defending waves of zombies along the way.

Basically, the Pack-a-Punch machine requires you to collect four different items, use those items for four different rituals in special rooms, and then travel to a special area with the Pack-a-Punch machine. Here’s the quick step by step guide.

Step 1) Collect the Summoning Key from the truck in the narrow alleyway at the beginning

Step 2) Get the Promoter’s Championship Belt from the Waterfront District and do the ritual in the boxing ring

Step 3) Get the Detective Badge from the Canal District and perform the ritual in the strip club

Step 4) Get the Lawyer’s Pen from the Junction and do the ritual in the house above the alley where you start the map

Step 5) Get the Producer’s Toupee from the Footlight District and perform the ritual in the tall building in the Main Square of the Footlight District

Step 6) Once you have the four gateworms, go inside the rift (accessible from any of the three districts). Destroy the wall with weird symbols, then place the four Gateworms in the four fountains/goblets in the area. You’ll see a series of blue lines intersecting in the center of the room. Head towards the center to find an altar. Activate that altar and you’ll find the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Finding the Elemental Sword

The Elemental Sword can be a devastating weapon. To find it, you’ll need to perform a bit of a memory exercise.

First, read the map at any of the Shadows of Evil train stations. Look for the question mark “?” signs on the map and memorize their locations.

Then, travel to all three districts using the train. Look outside the station to see three symbols, which you’ll find at each of the locations represented by question mark signs.

Memorize those three signs and head to the rift area. You’ll see a wall with all of these symbols. Become the beast and activate only the symbols you saw earlier. If you don’t choose the right symbols, then this won’t work.

If you chose the right symbols, you’ll get an egg. You need to charge that egg by placing it on the four gargoyles scattered around.

Every time you place the egg on one of the four gargoyles, zombies will appear. After you kill off all of these zombies, the egg will receive a charge.

After receiving four charges, you’ll need to take the egg back to the rift to get the Elemental Sword.

Note that the symbols change every time, so you’ll need to work on your memory if you want to consistently find the Elemental Sword on Shadows of Evil.

Upgrading the Elemental Sword

Want to make your Elemental Sword even more powerful? Of course you do. To do that, head to the ritual room that corresponds to your character. Get an egg from the altar, then charge it by running around to the four different red platforms scattered all around the city. The egg will receive the charge after you kill spawned monsters.

After charging your egg at all four stations, return to your character’s ritual room. After you offer the egg, you’ll receive your upgraded sword.

Flag Rituals – How to Get the Flag and Charge It

After receiving your upgraded Elemental Sword, you’ll want to head down to the subway area below (you’ll need to go through the rift) and acquire the flag. After finding the flag, carry it to the same platform where you charged the egg to receive your upgraded sword.

The movement you place the flag on the platform, waves of zombies will appear. Kill all of the zombies and protect the flag. If you die, you’ll need to repeat all of these steps over from the beginning.

After successfully protecting the flag, look for purple platforms on the ground. Run around to each district and step on each purple platform to charge the flag.

Once the flag is completely charged, bring it to your character’s ritual room and use the flag to kill the wraith.

Playing on Single Player? Repeat These Steps Three More Times

Shadows of Evil is designed to be played with four people. If you don’t have three friends with you, then you’ll need to perform the flag ritual three more times: get the flag, protect the flag, charge the flag, and use the flag to kill the wraith in each ritual room.

How to Find and Kill the Shadow Man

The Shadow Man will only appear after you’ve completed all of the flag rituals. Once you’ve done that, head to the area with the Pack-a-Punch machine.

When you enter that area, you’ll see the Shadow Man surrounded by four wraiths. The door will lock itself behind you and you’ll need to complete a round in order to proceed ahead.

After successfully defending yourself against a round, interact with each of the wraiths surrounding the Shadow Man. This will bring down his shield and allow you to attack him.

You’ll need to defend yourself against 4 or 5 more rounds. After each round, bring the Shadow Man’s shield down and attack him.

Eventually, after taking enough damage, the Shadow Man will be trapped in the ritual area and die.

Skip Rounds in Shadows of Evil

At the start of each Shadows of Evil round, you’ll see the Shadow Man watching you from the staircase. As soon as the round starts, fire five shots at him. If you do this right, you’ll be able to skip rounds 5, 10, and 15.

You’ll receive about 16,000 points and be taken directly to round 15. You won’t have much time to collect perks and upgrade your weapons before the horde arrives – so be careful.

Unlock Dead Ops Arcade 2

Dead Ops Arcade 2 is a great Easter Egg. As you may know, the original Black Ops had a mode called Dead Ops Arcade that was a lot of fun. Black Ops 3 introduces Dead Ops Arcade 2.

Dead Ops Arcade 2 is a top down arcade-style map. You’ll unlock it after beating Mission 2 in the campaign. After you’ve done so, you can enter the safehouse and look for the big computer (it’s the data terminal). At the data terminal, press the secret button in the top left corner of the screen to start up Dead Ops Arcade 2.

Once you’ve performed this step, you’ll also be able to access Dead Ops Arcade 2 as a zombies map.

How to Get the Curator and Walking Encyclopedia Trophies

If you’ve already completed the game and are looking for some additional satisfaction, then consider getting the Curator and Walking Encyclopedia trophies.

-Curator: You need to gather all collectible items, including helmets, weapons, and other random objects marked with an icon in order to get the Curator trophy.

-Walking Encyclopedia: You get the Walking Encyclopedia trophy for getting all of the collectibles in one mission. There are a total of 56 collectibles and 11 missions. There are five collectibles in Missions 1 and 2, six collectibles in Missions 3,4,5,7, 8, and 10, four collectibles in Missions 6 and 11, and two collectibles in Mission 9.


The Giant: Fly Trap Easter Egg

The Giant zombie map is basically one big Easter Egg based on the original Der Riese map from World at War’s original zombies mode.

Our favorite Easter Egg in The Giant is the fly trap. Yes, the fly trap from the original Der Riese’s map is back.

Follow the tutorial in this guy’s video below for the best explanation of The Giant’s Fly Trap:

Basically, this Easter Egg requires you to start with an upgraded weapon (upgrade it through the Pack-a-Punch), then shoot through a hole in the fence and look for green objects floating through the air as you aim down through the fence (see the 0:50 mark in the video above for the specific place you do this because it’s hard to describe).

Those green objects will guide you to certain points where you’ll find certain items. Those items need to be collected in the right order. They include teleporter ZA (a monkey bomb), teleporter ZB (a teddy bear inside one of the water canisters), and the power switch (turn right and aim for the balconies in the distance where you’ll see something small and shiny). Once you’ve done that, head to the furnace area to find the Annihilator Pistol waiting for you.

Mannequin Zombies in Nuketown

One of personal favorite Black Ops 3 Easter Eggs is the mannequin zombies in Nuketown.

To activate this Easter Egg, you’ll need to go around the map and shoot the heads off each and every mannequin you see. Once you’ve done that, the mannequins will turn into zombies and chase you around the map. If they catch up to you, they’ll punch you – if you’re not careful, you’ll die.

Hidden Secret Menu that Allows Text Input

Credit for finding this Easter Egg goes to Ron Scottznbrgr of YouTube. You can watch his video here:

Basically, this Easter Egg requires you to go to your Data Vault in campaign. Then, press X (PS4) or A (XB1) or click the hidden “S” button (PC) to activate Dead Ops.

This is where it gets weird: hold all of the shoulder buttons on your controller, then press Square and Triangle (in that order, on PS4), or X and Y (in that order, on Xbox One).

This brings up a secret Call of Duty menu where you can input text.

It appears that there are secret text codes, but we haven’t found anything that works yet.

There are definitely more Easter Eggs to be found in Black Ops 3. Let us know of any Easter Eggs we’ve missed in the comments section below!