How to Build Pack-a-Punch in BO3 Zombies Shadows of Evil

Ritual Locations, Part Locations, and Walkthrough

The Pack-a-Punch machine can be the difference between success and failure in Black Ops 3 Zombies. Keep reading to find the location of all buildables and complete all rituals in order to build the Pack-a-Punch machine.

How to Build the Pack-a-Punch Machine

We’ve seen Pack-a-Punch in the last few Call of Duty games. They’re a mainstay of zombies maps. Thanks to Pack-a-Punch, players can upgrade their weapons for a certain cost. These machines also let you purchase upgraded ammo.

Strategic use of Pack-a-Punch machines is essential to high level zombies survival.

Treyarch has made it appropriately difficult to build a Pack-a-Punch machine in the Shadows of Evil zombies map: you’ll need to run around the map performing various steps while also activating four rituals and gathering the necessary tools.

If that doesn’t scare you away, then keep reading.

Step 1) Find the Summoning Key

Finding the Summoning Key requires you to turn into the beast using the purple fountain you see at the beginning of the map. Then, destroy the wooden barrel inside the nearby truck.

Once you’ve got the Summoning Key, you can begin gathering the items needed to complete the rituals and ultimately create the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Step 2) Find the Promoter’s Championship Belt

The Promoter’s Championship Belt can be found at the Waterfront District. Once there, grapple onto a high fenced balcony with a fiery wooden crate on top of it.

Then, toss the crate down to ground level and return to human form, then grab the item.

Step 3) Perform the First Ritual

The Promoter’s Championship Belt is required for the first ritual. After grabbing the Belt, turn into the beast and head towards the docks of the Waterfront District. You’ll need to break through the barricaded door to access the ritual area.

After opening the door, you’ll see a boxing ring. Place the Promoter’s Championship Belt inside the boxing ring then get ready to fight off a wave of zombies.

Then, pick up the glowing blue thing and proceed to the next item and the second ritual.

Step 4) Find the Detective Badge

The second ritual requires an item called the Detective Badge. That item can be found in the Canal District. Once you’re there, turn into the beast and activate the power. Break the nearby box and return to human form, then return to the area where you broke the box to obtain the part.

Step 5) Perform the Second Ritual

After retrieving the Detective Badge from the broken box, you’ll see a small rift opening in the Canal District. Open it completely and head inside.

Inside the rift, turn into the beast and look for a weird wall with symbols all over it. Shock this wall to open the second ritual area. It should look like a strip club or sleazy nightclub.

Place the Detective Badge in the middle of the club and fight off another wave of zombies. Then, pick up the glowing object and proceed to the third ritual.

Step 6) Find the Lawyer’s Pen

The Lawyer’s Pen is required for the third ritual. You can find that pen in the center of the city. Turn into the beast and activate the power switch found in the center. If you activated the right power switch, a crane will start moving above you and drop the Lawyer’s Pen.

Step 7) Perform the Third Ritual

After grabbing the Lawyer’s Pen, go upstairs from the main starting area. You perform the ritual by placing the Lawyer’s Pen in the center of the area. Then, find off the horde of undead before picking up the glowing object.

Step 8) Find the Producer’s Toupee

The list of items gets weirder and weirder. Next, you need to find the Producer’s Toupee, which is in the Footlight District.

You’ll need to become the beast to find the Producer’s Toupee. After entering the Footlight District, look for a fiery wooden crate on a ledge. Jump up, toss that crate down to break it, then get the item.

Step 9) Perform the Fourth Ritual

After acquiring the Producer’s Toupee, you’ll want to head over to the main square area of the Footlight District and become the beast once again.

Look for the central building in the square and climb up. The building has a power switch on the rear side of the rooftop. This opens up a door on the ground floor.

After opening the door, head back down to ground level and change into human form. Place the Producer’s Toupee on the altar. Fight off the zombies and get ready to head towards the Pack-a-Punch room.

Step 10) The Final Ritual and the Pack-a-Punch Machine

Head to the subway part of the Shadows of Evil map and look for an area with weird symbols on the wall. Go near the wall and make it explode. This will reveal a new path.

Then, head through that new path and look for four goblets around the area. There should be two goblets near the entryway and two more on the far side away from where you walked in.

To reach the goblets on the far side of the room, you’ll need to do some quick wall-running.

As you interact the goblets, you’ll see blue lines pointing towards the middle of the room. After activating all four, you’ll realize that these four lines meet up at a specific point.

Join up the lines by heading towards the area’s doorway, then interact with the altar there. This will reveal the Pack-a-Punch machine.

To upgrade your weapons and interact with the machine, you’ll need 4,000 points.

Did we miss anything about making the Zombies Shadows of Evil Pack-a-Punch machine in Black Ops 3? If so, let us know in the comments section below!