Every Perk Location in Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil

Here’s your complete guide to how to find every perk in Black Ops 3’s Zombies mode on the Shadows of Evil map – including how to activate each perk.

How to Find Perks in Shadows of Evil

Just like with previous Call of Duty zombies maps, you’ll find perk machines scattered around each map.

The main difference with Shadows of Evil is that Treyarch has introduced rotating perk machines: some perk machines change their perks with every playthrough while others stay the same.

Fortunately for this guide, the perk machines can always be found in the same locations: the only thing that changes is the type of perks. So far, we’ve discovered three rotating perk machines that will change their perks with every playthrough.

Treyarch has also been nice enough to give us “hints” as to what each perk is. For example, if you come to the main area leading to Canal District, Waterfront District, and Footlight District, you’ll see a broken bottle outside the main gates. This broken bottle signifies which perk is hidden inside.

Waterfront District Perk

After reaching Waterfront District, you’ll need to turn into the beast and activate the power switch near the stairs. This opens up the path to the perk.

Once you’ve opened the path, head up the stairs and travel through the corridor to activate another power switch and use the machine.

This is one of the rotating perks, so it will vary between one of three different perks.

Footlight District Perk

Getting the Footlight District perk requires a virtually identical process as the Waterfront district perk.

You need to change into the beast, then activate the power switch near the stairs to make the stairs appear. Head upstairs and you’ll see the perk machine on the right hand side.

Once again, this is a rotating perk.

Canal District Perk

The final rotating perk is found in the Canal District. Once you’re there, head towards the Canal Station. To get there, you’ll need to open up all the gates leading to Zandi’s Smoke Lounge.

The perk machine is actually found within Zandi’s Smoke Lounge. Turn into the beast to activate the machine and use it later.

Quick Revive

This is the easiest perk to find: it’s inside the alleyway you see on the right hand side of where you first spawned.


Another easy perk machine to find, the Stamin-Up perk is found in the second area. Look for the big, bright, large ice cream neon sign. Then, activate the power switch using the beast and use the machine in human form.

Mule Kick and Window’s Wine

Finding both of these machines requires you to travel to any district, then turn yourself into the beast. Your goal is to find a breakable wall (there are several breakable walls in every district).

After you’ve smashed through a breakable wall, you’ll gain access to the rift. There, return to human form, access the rift, and teleport to a new area.

After arriving in that new area, you’ll need to turn into the beast once more to activate the power switches and access the Mule Kick and Window’s Wine perk machines.

Finding these perks isn’t easy: you will encounter resistance within the rift.

However, finding these machines is worth it because you must have Window’s Wine in order to find and use Pack-a-Punch machine.

We’ve done our best to find all of the perks in the Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil zombies map – but if we’ve missed anything, let us know in the comments section below and we’ll add it to the list!